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Admissions Code Consultation

Consultation on changes to the School Admissions Appeals Code


The DfE is consulting on a revised version of the School Admissions Appeals Code that would make permanent some of the temporary flexibilities which enabled appeals to continue during the pandemic.

The permanent changes being consulted on are:                                       

  • To allow admission authorities to decide whether to hold appeal hearings remotely (by telephone or video conference) or in person, or to give a choice of either, without reasons relating to COVID-19.

  • To allow appeal hearings to continue and be decided by a panel of two, if the third member of an appeal panel has to withdraw and either postponing the remaining hearings or restarting the appeal will lead to an unreasonable delay.    

It is proposed that these changes will apply to both sorts of admission appeal hearings dealt with under the Appeals Code (appeals against an admission authority’s refusal to admit a child and appeals by governing bodies against a local authority’s decision to admit to their school a child who has been permanently excluded from two or more schools).

Admission authorities can access the consultation document and Appeals Code here.