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Attendance Update

An update on the daily attendance data trial


As of Tuesday 26 April, 13,370 schools have given their agreement for Wonde to collect and share their daily attendance data with DfE. If you have not already agreed to share your daily data, you can do so by reviewing your requests within the Wonde portal and selecting ‘approve’. Wonde will be contacting the remaining schools, (those who do not already work with them) over the next few weeks.


We have been working with schools, local authorities and multi-academy trusts to understand what they would find useful in reports to inform their decisions to improve attendance, to include:


  • whether a pupil’s attendance data is cause for concern or just an anomaly which can be explained
  • whether a pupil’s attendance pattern is unique or consistent with others in their cohort
  • trends or patterns in a cohort that could need an intervention, to prioritise where to put resources
  • the impact of any current interventions they have in place
  • when there is an issue affecting schools in an area or in the same trust
  • which schools in their area are improving their attendance, or which need more support and why that might be


We are using this feedback to help shape the design of the sector reports. Before full roll-out, we will test the reports with a number of schools, local authorities and multi-academy trusts in May and June.