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The educational setting status form will continue with daily reporting 


Thank you to all the schools and colleges that have been completing the educational setting status form this month. The data you provide has been crucial in shaping the government’s response to COVID-19.


Given the value of this data, the educational setting status form will continue with daily reporting. This will be kept under review and we will move to weekly reporting when the national situation allows.


Please continue to submit the form each day by 2pm.



From 4 January, settings will be asked to provide information on the phased return process and the number of pupils or students absent due to attendance restrictions put in place to manage an outbreak or exceptional circumstances related to coronavirus (COVID-19).


The data you provide helps the government to understand what is happening on the ground in schools and colleges and adapt its approach accordingly. Completing the form improves our understanding of how the pandemic is impacting schools and colleges and allows us to better support you.


Further information on completing the educational setting status form, can be found in our guidance.