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In spite of the present situation with the Covid Omicron variant, off-site visits are at present permissible, and to be encouraged. If you are planning an overseas visit however, please get in touch to discuss the risks and benefits.
Please also advise me ASAP of any Education Visits Coordinators (EVCs) who are new in their role at your school this term, so I can support them and add them to the training list. 
I am introducing an e-learning module this term for new and untrained EVCs, which will provide confidence in the role for the interim prior to training, and provide them with an overview in the run up to face-to-face training. This is not however a substitute for the face-to-face sessions. Once we receive their details from you, I will contact them individually to organise this.
As always, please do not hesitate to contact me for all matters concerning outdoor educational activities and off-site visits.
Best wishes!