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Ensure your contingency framework is updated

Reminder for all education and childcare settings to review and update contingency plans before January return


Have you updated your Risk Assessments and Contingency Framework for this term?


The contingency framework describes the principles for managing local outbreaks of COVID-19 in education and childcare settings. It covers types of measures that you should be prepared for. It also sets out thresholds for managing COVID-19 cases and when you should consider seeking public health advice.


All education and childcare settings should already have their own contingency plans (sometimes called outbreak management plans) describing what you would do if children, pupils, students or staff test positive for COVID-19, or how you would operate if you were advised to introduce any measures described in the contingency framework to help break chains of transmission.


COVID-19 resilience and planning is now more important than ever. As set out previously, you do not need to reformat your existing contingency plans to specific templates, but your contingency plans should be reviewed and updated ready for the January return.