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In the NEWS - DfE


Ofsted review of careers guidance in schools and FE colleges. Although understanding the requirement to offer unbiased guidance, some schools are still biased towards academic routes and teachers had gaps in understanding about T-levels. Gatsby Benchmarks and Careers Hubs are effectively driving improvement. Some employers are no longer offering work placements due to the shift to increased working from home.  


Department apologises for an error when calculating the National Funding Formula which has resulted in approximately £50 per pupil over-allocation to schools for 2024-25. This £370 million error is due to DfE miscalculation of pupil numbers.    Perm_Sec_letter_to_ESC_Chair_-_6_Oct 


Guidance for teachers wanting to claim early career payments, including information about which local authority areas are eligible for uplift payments.  And for eligible subject teachers to claim back a student loan.   


KS1 phonics tests and teacher assessments data published. The overall assessments show a small increase on attainment from 2022 and still a little way to return to pre-covid levels. .