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Keeping Children Safe in Education Must Knows

Keeping Children Safe in Education - Must Knows 


Key things for you to know

Read the details in the sections below, but the most important things to know are:


  • Staff who don't work directly with children on a regular basis can read a condensed version of part 1 (annex A)
  • There's new guidance and expectations around tackling sexual violence and harassment (including peer-on-peer abuse)
  • There's new information on what your child protection policy should include
  • There's updated guidance on the two levels of allegations against staff, those that may meet the harms threshold and those that don't (low level concerns)
  • Guidance on online safety has been moved to part 2 to give it more prominence (previously in annex C)
  • There's new best practice advice on recruitment processes and updated guidance on conducting pre-employment checks


Next steps 

  • Train your staff on KCSIE 2021 and how to tackle sexism and sexual harassment in your school
  • Decide whether to use the condensed part 1 with staff who don't regularly work directly with children
  • Update your child protection policy 
  • Check your behaviour policy (or anti-bullying policy) includes measures to prevent bullying, (including cyberbullying, prejudice-based and discriminatory bullying) 

Please see below resources including an updated Quiz for Staff