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Changes to free school meal (FSM) eligibility over recent years have a knock-on effect for attainment measures. Is a revised measure of disadvantage needed? 


Review of research comparing approaches to parental choice of schools and school accountability from more than 15 countries, plus the UK education systems.


Research about the medium term effects of a randomised, weekly 1:1 tuition programme for the equivalent of year 5 disadvantaged pupils [in Chile], finds the main lasting effects as being improved attendance and engagement with learning at school, as well as some uplift in maths attainment.  


Review of interventions for primary pupils struggling with reading and maths finds that tutor-led small groups (five or fewer) and peer-instruction (e.g. year 5 with year 3 pupil) consistently show the most significant effect size. Length of targeted intervention was harder to draw conclusions, but probably for a minimum of two terms.