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Narrow attainment gaps between ethnic groups



This research was commissioned as part of Inclusive Britain, the government's response to the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities (CRED). The research sought to answer three main questions.

  1. Where schools and trusts have closed attainment gaps between pupils from different ethnic groups, has this been the result of a deliberate strategy (i.e. focused on raising the attainment of pupils from specific ethnic groups)?
  2. What practices have schools and trusts used to close attainment gaps and foster a sense of belonging for all pupils (including those from different ethnic groups)?
  3. Can we draw practical lessons about closing attainment gaps between pupils from different ethnic groups from the work of schools and trusts (including lessons that are applicable to schools and trusts working in different contexts)?

The research was designed to be exploratory. It focused on the role and practices of trusts and schools. The evidence we gathered came from interviews with the leaders of nine academy trusts and leaders of individual schools within those trusts (plus one local authority maintained school). It was not within the scope of the research to gather evidence on the extent of ethnic disparities or discrimination that may be experienced by pupils and staff. These are important areas of study in their own right.