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National Funding Formula

National Funding Formula (NFF)

The Government has published a response to its consultation on the National Funding Formula. The response confirms the Government’s intention to allocate funding to mainstream schools directly through a single national funding formula with allocations no longer being subject to substantial local adjustment. The Government will bring forward relevant legislation at the earliest opportunity. The Government will also begin the process of transition by bringing local authority formulae closer to the NFF in 2023-24 and will consult again on the implementation later this year. The responses to the Government’s consultation underlined that the move to a direct NFF will be complex, and the Government confirmed that it will take a careful and measured approach to the transition, with the process of transition to the direct NFF commencing in 2023-24. The LGA continues to advocate for an element of local discretion and local discussion between schools and councils, which allows for local needs and priorities to continue to be considered and deal with additional school costs that cannot be adequately addressed through a formulaic approach.