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New Evolve online educational visits recording and approval system

You wilI, I hope be aware that in April/May we will be migrating from the paper-format OA off site visits approval forms to the online Evolve platform. Some of you may have attended a familiarisation session with me about it already. In further preparation, please find below a link to a recording of a training Webinar for EVCs and Heads hosted by Edufocus, the developers, which you can peruse at leisure. It lasts for about an hour, and the first 12-15 minutes is also relevant for your leaders, so please feel free to circulate widely in your schools.


EVOLVE Video (


When I have a release 'go live' date I will email you again advising of the website address and how you will initially receive your individual username and password logins as Heads and EVCs. These will most likely be sent by email to your school email address, so at that time please advise your front of house colleagues to look out for it.


As always, I am available and happy to answer questions about this or anything else relevant to educational visits.


Paul Bowen