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 Statistical regulator criticises DfE for its evidence claims about the greater effectiveness of MATs. Lack of information about methodology led them to conclude it was an unreliable claim and the DfE has agreed to correct this.

Analysis of the profile of schools and academy trusts. How far from the DfE preferred system arrangements are we? Currently about 20% of schools are in a MAT of at least 10 schools. The average size of MATs has increased from 5 to 7 since 2018. While primaries are less likely to be an academy than secondaries, those that are likely to be in larger MATs.


The rising cost of fuel is putting additional pressures on school transport budgets with LAs facing significant increases in costs when re-tendering services.


Reflections on the challenge of moving to national online exams. It’s when, not if, but will need to be trialled (probably with lower stakes exams) and the role of the National Reference Tests will be even more important. 


Warnings about spurious social media offerings of information about exam grade boundaries and links to exam essays.