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Ofsted inspects 'behaviour and attitudes'

What inspectors are looking for  

Inspectors will consider how well leaders and staff create a safe, calm, orderly and positive environment, and the impact this has on behaviour and attitudes. They'll look for: 


  • Clear routines in the school and classroom
  • A strong focus on attendance and punctuality, including clear and effective attendance policies that staff apply consistently and fairly
  • Pupils who are committed to learning, know how to study effectively, are resilient to setbacks and take pride in their achievements
  • An environment where pupils feel safe
  • Relationships between teachers and pupils that reflect a positive and respectful culture
  • Zero tolerance for bullying, peer-on-peer abuse and discrimination
  • Staff to deal with issues quickly and effectively (where they occur), and to not allow them to spread

See page 52 of the inspection handbook.


Aspects of the 'behaviour and attitudes' judgement relate to safeguarding. We look at how safeguarding is inspected here.


What you need to prepare 

You don't have to provide any additional evidence over and above what you would normally collect (e.g. behaviour logs or attendance reports from your MIS). Your records and evidence don't need to be in a specific format, as long as it is easily accessible for inspectors.


Inspectors will ask to see: 

  • Records and analysis of exclusions, pupils taken off roll, incidents of poor behaviour and any use of internal isolation
  • Records and analysis of sexual harassment or sexual violence
  • Records and analysis of bullying, discriminatory, and prejudiced behaviour (either direct or indirect), including racist, sexist, disability-focused and homophobic/biphobic/transphobic bullying, use of derogatory language and racist incidents
  • A list of referrals made to the designated person for safeguarding in the school and those who were subsequently referred to the LA, along with details of the resolution
  • A list of pupils who have open cases with children's services/social care and for whom there is a multi-agency plan
  • Up-to-date attendance analysis for all groups of pupils

You have to provide this to inspectors on the morning of inspection.

Inspectors will also ask for your:


  • Analysis of, and response to, pupils' behaviour over time, in whatever format you have this (such as behaviour records/logs)
  • Analysis of absence and persistent absence rates, for all pupils and for different groups, compared to with national averages (including information on whether low attenders are improving their attendance over time, or whether attendance is consistently low)