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Primary Assessments

Information: primary assessment FAQs

Following school and stakeholder feedback, here are the answers to 2 frequently asked questions about this year’s primary assessments.

Question: Has STA raised the expected standards used in assessments in 2022?

Answer: The expected standards for our assessments in 2022 have not been raised compared to pre-pandemic arrangements. The tests we will use are those which were due to be administered in 2020 and the teacher assessment frameworks remain unchanged.

Question: Should we disapply pupils who have not covered the entire key stage 2 (KS2) curriculum?

Answer: As always, the final decision about entering individual pupils for assessments is for the pupil’s headteacher in line with KS2 assessment and reporting arrangements. Even if a pupil is not put forward for a test, schools will still need to undertake an appropriate form of assessment:


  • If the pupil is working at the overall standards of a given test or assessment and is moving on to key stage 3 (KS3) in the following academic year – that is, they have completed KS2 – they should be entered for that particular test or assessment. This includes where they may not have covered all aspects of the curriculum in as much detail as would have been the case without the disruption over the last two years.
  • If the pupil is working below the overall standards of a given test/assessment but is still engaged in subject-specific study, they should be assessed using the pre-key stage standards.
  • If the pupil is working below the overall standard of a given test/assessment and not engaged in subject-specific study, they should be assessed using the engagement model.
  • If a pupil is not moving on to KS3 in September 2022, and will remain in KS2, then they should not be entered for end of KS2 assessments.

One aim of assessments this year is to gain an understanding of the impact of the pandemic. Headteachers will be best placed to judge if any absence has been so significant, the pupil is not working at the overall standard as a result.


Reminder: standardisation – moderation certificate and feedback form

2021/22 standardisation – moderation certificate and feedback form was sent out on 4 April.


Information: primary tests and assessments for the academic year 2021/22

The KS2 primary school accountability guidance, published on Friday 25 March, provides further clarification about the return of primary tests and assessments, and sets out expectations on how the KS2 performance data for 2021/22 should be used and the caution needed when considering this data.

Ofsted does not base judgements on test and assessment results, or other data. Data is used as the starting point for inspections, to inform discussions with school leaders. Ofsted will be particularly careful when considering this year’s data, given the impact of the pandemic.



Reminder: the engagement model – parent information leaflet

STA has published a parent information leaflet, which explains the engagement model and what its statutory introduction means for their child.

Schools can use this leaflet to inform parents of pupils who will be assessed using the engagement model about the new teacher assessment tool and the changes to how their child will be assessed.

More information for schools and stakeholders can be found in the engagement model guidance.