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RBWM Link Programme Tailored Sessions and Survey

Dear Colleague,

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead are participating in the Link Programme in the spring term of 2022. The programme is delivered by the Anna Freud Centre, funded by the Department for Education, and will bring together local leaders in education and mental health to identify the support required by children and young people in our area. I have attached a flyer with more information about the programme. You can find out more by visiting

As part of the programme the Anna Freud Centre will convene and facilitate a strategic consultation meeting on Tuesday 18th January from 1.30-4.30pm.  Registration for this meeting is now full.    However, as part of the programme the Anna Freud Centre will then convene and facilitate three tailored support sessions, which you are invited to attend. The sessions will take place over Zoom and will include stakeholders from across the local authority in education and mental health. The content of the tailored support sessions will be based on the CASCADE framework  and will be confirmed in January 2022.
Whether or not you are able to attend the strategic or tailored sessions we are interested in learning more about your perspective of joint working with mental health services. This will help with RBWM's strategic planning and bespoke support offered by the Link Programme, to improve joint working and relationships between mental health services and schools/colleges in the area. Your answers will be used for consultation and discussion during your area’s initial consultation meeting. This will ensure your perspective as an education professional is included. The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes and asks questions about the joint working and collaboration school/FE college staff have with colleagues and in working relationships with mental health professionals.
Please read through the attached information sheet carefully. If you are happy with all the information and agree to taking part in the survey, please follow the
link below and indicate your consent on the online survey:
Please note responses for the survey will close at 5pm on 10th January 2022.  

The dates of the sessions and links to register are provided in the attached letter:

1.   Tailored Support Session 1:  Tuesday 15th February 1.30-4.30

2.   Tailored Support Session 2: Tuesday 1st March 1.30-4.30

3.   Tailored Support Session 3: Tuesday 15th March 1.30-4.30pm




Rebecca Askew 

Senior Specialist Educational Psychologist - Well being