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RBWM Youth Council Survey 2022

The RBWM Youth Council are currently collecting information to see how we can best help our local community. We would be grateful if you could share our survey with your students through newsletters, emails, PSHE lessons, tutor time/registration, assemblies, google classroom etc. We are asking questions about mental health services in schools, our local RBWM libraries and transport in the community. The survey is open to 11 to 25 year olds. 


This survey is critical as young people's feedback on RBWM services will influence our focus and efforts in the coming year. We want to help influence change in RBWM. 


Attached is a flyer you can use to make our survey especially easy to distribute. Here is the link to the survey in both short and long-form which can be used if you are bulk emailing or putting it into your school newsletter:


Could you please get back to us by Friday 17th June to let us know if are happy to share (or not) our survey so that your school and your pupils can have their voice heard through taking part in our survey. 


We really appreciate your support in reaching as many young people in the Borough as possible. 


Kind regards, 

RBWM Youth Council