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Reporting to parents at end of academic year

Standards and Testing Agency

School reports on pupil performance

Headteachers must send a written report to parents on their child’s progress for the academic year by the end of each summer term unless that pupil is to be provided with a school leaver’s report. Where results of public exams, vocational qualifications or credits are not received until after the end of the summer term, headteachers are required to provide that information to parents as soon as possible, and by no later than 15 days after receiving it.

You can split the report across the academic year, for example, to report on each term separately.


Please see link below for full details:

School reports on pupil performance: guide for headteachers


Reporting to Parents at end of Key Stage 1 and 2 

Schools have a statutory duty to prepare annual reports for parents before the end of the summer term. The report must start from the day after the last report was given and must cover each pupil’s:

  • achievements
  • general progress
  • attendance record

Reports for pupils must also include the results of any national curriculum assessments the pupil has undertaken. This includes the phonics screening check and the multiplication tables check. Reports for pupils at the end of key stage 1 (KS1) and key stage 2 (KS2) must also include the outcomes of the relevant assessments, as detailed below.


Click link below for full details 

Reporting to parents at the end of key stages 1 and 2