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Staying safe: Free training for teachers

In May, the Violence Prevention Partnership launched a new campaign and resources called “Stay True to You”.   Based on research with young people and youth workers/professionals from across the Thames Valley, it explores their perceptions and experiences of safety, what the risk factors and how we can prevent violence/knife crime.


We created a new standalone website - - which has three sections (professionals, parents, young people), and we launched some new resources which want to draw to your attention and ask for your help in promoting/cascading throughout your network.


  1. We need to promote free, online training webinars aimed especially for those in education - Heads, DSLs, PSHE teachers and those in pastoral roles.    Can you cascade information through your networks direct to schools?    


  1. We also need to ask schools to promote to parents/carers free online information sessions offered in June/July



I have attached two letters which need to be cascaded to all schools.   One is a letter to the school/teachers, the other is for the school to share with parents.


While the primary audience is secondary schools, we would welcome teachers from primary too if they felt this could be helpful.   


We have no limits on attendance on these dates (within reason) and if they become over-full we have capacity to offer more dates before the end of the summer term.



I am also very keen to attend any local network meetings you have (Heads Forum, DSL Networks, PSHE Networks et) - any place I can help raise awareness of this programme of work.



Do please look at the website - watch the animation, scroll down and you will find the resources which include the research insights (which are a must-read for anyone working with young people), also resources such as “Conversation Starter Flashcards” to help with those tricky 1-2-1 or small group discussions.  


There is also a workshop/lesson guide and presentation deck which can be used to deliver a safety-based discussion in a PSHE lesson or similar.   You’ll find signposting to national and local services too.  


If any school is interested in this approach I am also happy to attend, deliver the workshop, work to support their staff, or listen to any other ideas on how we can develop this further.


Thames Valley Violence Prevention Partnership