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Summer term - Week 2


Summer term - Week 2

Dear all,

Below are your updates for the last week of this term. As always, please contact me if you have any questions or queries.

SENCo Clusters this term - Thursday 6th May

KS1/KS2 - 2 - 3pm Primary cluster
Middle/Secondary - 3.30pm - 4.30pm Secondary cluster

Message from IAS team

Dear colleague,

We know that many schools will be sending regular newsletters or similar to parents and wondered if we might be able to promote our service through such communications, as a standing item if possible, particularly if your newsletter has a dedicated SEND section?

I have attached a brief promotional item ( in pdf and png) which may be suitable for this purpose and would be very grateful for your support.

I would also be grateful if you could confirm whether you are able to include this as a one off or as a standing item to
With thanks and best wishes,



C&YP Survey: Social Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties.

This is a joint survey created by Achieving for Children and PaCiP

The RBWM is looking to develop its services and provision to support Children and Young People who have Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) needs. As a part of this process, we would like to hear from children and young people about their experiences in school: what were the challenges they faced and also, what would have helped them or did help them.

Please share with your families as it is so important that their voices are heard.

Here is the one for the Parents/Carer to complete:

And the one for the Child &Young Person to complete:
Message from CCG regarding Oxwell study.

The Oxwell Student Survey opens to students on 5th May and closes on 25th June.
Reminder that you can register your education setting to take part in the survey by clicking here. More information about the survey can be found on the briefing document (updated) (attached).
The aim is to inform education settings and local services across health/LAs about the needs and experiences of young people and help to ensure that the resources available can be targeted at areas of most need. Survey data can also to monitor the impact of interventions.
The survey is for pupils in years 5 -13, there are 3 age-matched versions (years 5-7, years 8-11, years 12-13/FE), unfortunately special schools are excluded.
A 15 minute recording sharing the perspective from a Deputy Head, Trevor O’neil from Langley Academy in Slough can be found here. Trevor discusses how pupils took part during the lockdown period last summer, the importance of stakeholder involvement and how the school used the results. Trevor also shares his top tips for participation (attached). 
We suggest education settings take part in survey over several weeks during May, but if they need to take part later they still can, however those that take part during May will receive summary reports before the summer holidays. To that end, it may be useful to book your IT rooms now and plan for a different year group to take part each day over several weeks.
All Education settings will then get access to their data online via the digital platform called Lodeseeker in the autumn, at this point they will also have support from an asst psychologist to support them to engage with their survey data.
For any queries please email
Kind Regards,
Giovanni Ferri


CYPDS updates

Reminder: Please send all paperwork to CYPDS electronically. It is quicker and more secure to send paperwork directly to the cypds email address.

Panel A - If you are interested in volunteering to be a school rep in Panel A next half term, please let know.

A reminder of the Disability Register, more information can be found here:

Moving on Up transition support - expression of interest now closed

Due to high levels of interest, Behaviour Support have now closed to email requests. Schools that have submitted an email prior to 30th April will be contacted next week in terms whether they have an allocated place. 

For primary schools - Onwards and Upwards Year 6 programme will also be running this August. Promotional material and referral link will be sent out in the next few weeks.

Moon shot series
A local Sport & Exercise Psychologist, working predominantly in mental health, wellbeing and resilience has been working with colleagues to build an online Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme for children. The purpose of the programme is to develop resilience, boost mental health and support young people to chase their dreams in a way that is healthy and sustainable.The pilot programme has been extremely well received so far and we are now looking to roll it out more widely across the country. More about us on our website -

Healthier together, a new site for Parents Carers and Young people, newsletter attached


Kooth transition training - flyer attached
CAMHS - Emotional Health and Well-being webinars for education settings - flyer attached
IPSEA training SEND Law training for SENCos - 2nd June | (IPSEA) Independent Provider of Special Education Advice
Laughology - Special offer for INSET training - attached
NASEN summer term webinar planner attached 
Family action training and newsletter - attached