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Support for children from Armed Forces Families

Launch of the new online interactive Thriving Lives Toolkit for schools

As originally promised, I wished to be able to keep you up to date with important developments concerning support available to children of armed forces families.  As such, I wanted to bring your attention to the availability of the new online, interactive Thriving lives toolkit for schools.  I would be incredibly grateful if this information could be circulated to schools in your local authority area.  You will note that the above attachments includes a suggested email/letter to be sent to schools, which includes information about the platform and the relevant links for schools to access it.

The free Thriving Lives Toolkit online platform, funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, allows schools to use the evidence-based framework to reflect on practice, chart progress in supporting Children from Armed Forces families and gain insight into helping the children of Armed Forces personnel and veterans to thrive at school.  

Linked to extensive resources for schools on the SCiP Alliance website, the new platform’s user-friendly interface allows multiple members of staff to access the school’s record and chart their progress and goals without requiring additional software or training.  



Ed Harris │ Senior Education Officer │ Armed Forces Families & Safeguarding

Ministry of Defence

Global Education Team