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Update & information for RBWM schools from the Inclusion Management Team

I would like to thank every school for their response to supporting children and young people from Ukraine to continue their education. 


AfC (RBWM) have set up a number of systems to provide further advice and support to our schools when managing the transition for refugees. 


EAL Cluster groups


Wednesday 30 March 2022 4-5pm (Virtual Meeting)

Video call link:

To support all schools who may be seeing an increase in EAL pupils, new arrivals and refugees; the Specialist Teacher and Educational Psychology teams welcome you to attend an EAL cluster.


The cluster will include:

  • training and discussion

  • an opportunity to share resources and good practice

  • LA updates


Please share joining information with relevant staff in your schools.


Fair access panels

  • Fair access panels will be used to monitor in-year transfer applications for refugees 

  • If you have spaces available within the specified year groups, applications should be processed via the normal in-year transfer route 

  • Where an admitting authority goes over their PAN to place a child, a referral to FAP will need to be made via (as per the Fair Access Protocol) If a decision can be made by the admitting authority to go over PAN to accommodate the young person, admission should be made immediately to avoid delay (you will not need to wait for the fair access panel to be held). The fair access panel members will then retrospectively discuss the referrals at scheduled meetings. 

  • Secondary school fair access panels will take place as scheduled in the calendar. 

  • Primary fair access panels will be set up once referrals are made to Rosie Gossage. 

  • We will continue to monitor the number of admissions via the FAP process and share good practice, ensuring schools are supported and young people are placed fairly. 

  • Funding discussions can take place within the panels (we are awaiting updated guidance from the DfE in relation to access to funding for Ukrainian refugees). 

  • For reference, the fair access protocol for RBWM can be found here:

  • Please note that in-year transfer applications for Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers must be prioritised as the children are Children in Care. Therefore, these applications will not be referred to the fair access panel, such applications should be processed as CLA in line with the School Admissions Code 2021. 


Data return for admissions - We are asking all schools to complete a google form which will help us to understand the number of refugees being admitted into your school, your current pupil admission numbers, the needs of the young person and where funding needs to be distributed to. Please complete this form for ALL Ukrainian Refugee in-year transfers. If you are admitting over PAN, please also send the referral to for the fair access panel

The data return form can be found here:


Funding - We are awaiting a further update in relation to access to funding for councils and schools. Please find the latest advice attached:


RBWM Leadership website - All relevant information and resources will be added to the following link:


Tools & resources 

  • The Bell Foundation offers FREE guidance, resources and training.

  • Please see below link for resources to support refugees with understanding the effects of trauma:


Supporting Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Young People in education 

  • Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Young People are looked after children and do not access Fair Access Panels.  They should have the usual priority admission.  AfC Virtual School are your point of contact for support and we have created guidance for schools and colleges which can be accessed here:

Rosie Gossage

Inclusion & Access Manager