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Water safety

NHS urges summer safety awareness to keep children out of danger (


It’s that time of year again! As the weather is getting warmer, can I ask that you cascade this water and window safety video clip across your organisations and beyond.  Most of you have seen the clip and it is still relevant for parents and carers. 

The CCG East of Berkshire produced the following short video clip in 2017 and the message remains important today and can be used widely across the health economy and by our partners across all organisations.  Using messages around water safety and window safety, we decided to produce the video in response to increasing concerns about the distractions of mobile phones in particular and how use of electronic devices may impact on risks to supervision of babies and children. We are conscious that many children are at home, the weather is good and water play will increase during Covid.


Could you please consider how you may be able to use the clip across your agencies; feel free to share this widely and use in screens in waiting rooms, surgeries etc especially over the spring and summer months.


I am also taking the opportunity to send the water safety and rivers clip that Slough Borough Council have produced; again, please use within your organisations: