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22nd September 2021

This event will be held at Moor Hall from 3.30pm to 5.00pm





3.30    Welcome and outline of SEMH Network Meeting                                    AW

3.35    Introductions and Updates                                                                  All

3.40    Boxall Online Profile update and overview                                             AW

3.50    Rachel Endacott (FPJS) presentation of BPO/Nurture practical impact RE

4.00    Helen Hannam (MGS) presentation of BPO practical impact                     HH

4.15    Working Break                   

          Table discussion of BPO application                                                     

          Boxall Profile application strategy                                                         Individual

4.30    Helen Daniels (Cookham Rise) Paul Dix – Achievable Behaviour Nirvana   HD

4.50    Feedback and Agenda items                                                                AW

5.00    Close