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To contact the Agresso team for any technical queries:

01628 796922/23

Mon - Fri 9-4.30pm


  • Please ensure the form is physically signed in the declaration section.
  • Ensure the payment terms section is completed (rows 54-55)
  • For CIS suppliers, section 2 must be completed.  
  • To set up school employees as suppliers (for expense claims as 'Officer Reimbursements') include the employee's payroll number.
  • Email the completed form to


  • To set up a new Customer ID to complete a Sales Invoice, please complete the form above and send it to (not Financial Control).
  • Once the Customer ID is set up, Sarah Godliman (incomes team) will send it to you


  • To make a sundry small payment, complete the payment request form and return to
  • Ensure the name of the payee, address and bank details are completed, together with the payment description and ledger code details
  • The surname and date will be used as the invoice number


To reimburse an employee:

  • Ensure the employee is set up as a supplier (if not, use the New Supplier Form above)
  • Complete the Officer Reimbursement Form 
  • Keep copies of receipts on file
  • Forward the form to