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NEW - National Tutoring Programme Update

Use your national tutoring programme funding this summer

You still have time to deliver tutoring with the national tutoring programme (NTP) until Saturday 31 August 2024, including during the school holidays. As we approach the summer term. Consider tutoring for:

  • disadvantaged pupils

  • pupils with SEND

  • pupils with persistent absence

  • pupils at the edge of key stage and GCSE grade boundaries

Simon Bush, Executive Headteacher of The Green Way Academy, shares the impact of holiday tuition on his disadvantaged pupils in our ‘breaking barriers: school’s drive to close the attainment gap using tutoring’ blog.


Watch our holiday tuition webinar recording for further information.


Prepare to submit your year-end statement

As we approach the end of the fourth and final year of the national tutoring programme (NTP), all organisations that received a 2023 to 2024 allocation should prepare to submit a year-end statement in September 2024.


To help you prepare, we encourage you to download our calculator tool to plan and track your tutoring. Watch this video for a quick demonstration of how to use the calculator tool.  


Make sure that your contact email address on get information about schools is correct, as we will use this to email you important information about any funding recoveries.