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Reviews of Governance

External Review of Governance

An external review of governance will usually take between 2.5 and 3 days in total, including a follow up visit to review impact and progress.


To support the Governing Board in moving forward from Ofsted recommendations and/or facilitated self review of governance resulting in an action plan that the governing board will own.

Stage 1: Format of Review Process

Prior to Review Day; the reviewers will conduct a desktop analysis of the Governing Board’s documentation and processes.  Documentation will be required to be sent to the reviewers at least fourteen days prior to the Review Day.

Documentation required:

  • Governing Board Membership (including information on roles delegated to individuals - e.g. safeguarding governor) 
  • Committee Structure and Membership, and Terms of Reference, for any committees
  • Sets of minutes (full board meetings and committees) covering the last year of meetings
  • One example of a Headteacher's report
  • Safeguarding policy
  • Policy schedule
  • Summary of School Development Plan
  • Completed impact statement proforma for each governor (available to download below)

Other documentation may be requested by the reviewers.

Stage 2: The review day

This will consist of meeting with as many governors as possible and clerk either, as in groups or as individuals – the reviewer(s) will confirm after desktop analysis of documentation and process of the governing body. The final format of the day will be confirmed seven days prior to the review.

Likely meetings:

  • The clerk to the Governing Board
  • The chair of the Governing Board
  • The Headteacher
  • Other governors either as a group or individually – this will be confirmed after desktop analysis .

For group interviews governors are required for at least 2 hours and reviewers may request to meet the safeguarding governor or any other named responsible governor separately.  If governors are requested individually then a schedule of interviews will be arranged allowing twenty minutes for each governor.


A two hour facilitated Self Evaluation session for all governors to attend either after the interview process or that evening. During this session the development of the action plan and ownership will be established.

Stage 3: After Review

Reviewer(s) may request attendance at a full Governing Board meeting

A short report on findings and support actions will be published to the chair and Headteacher including a final version of the action plan.

Four to six months after the review there will be a follow up visit, to support the board in reviewing its progress against the action plan.