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Mobile Phones

Mobile phones in schools


Guidance for schools on prohibiting the use of mobile phones throughout the school day


Prohibiting the use of mobile phones in school: All schools should have a behaviour policy which is aligned with the school’s legal duties and standards relating to the welfare of children. This is essential in establishing and maintaining high standards of behaviour ensuring that teachers can deliver the curriculum and that the school is a calm and safe environment for all pupils and staff. As part of this policy, schools should develop a mobile phone policy that prohibits the use of mobile phones and other smart technology with similar functionality to mobile phones (for example the ability to send and/or receive notifications or messages via mobile phone networks or the ability to record audio and/or video) throughout the school day, including during lessons, the time between lessons, breaktimes and lunchtime. Where schools have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scheme to facilitate the use of laptops or tablets for learning, such devices should be used in accordance with the school’s BYOD policy and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) acceptable use policy. BYOD policies should not include mobile phones.


Mobile phones in schools - February 2024 (