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Strong Attendance

Action for schools: Back to school preparation to ensure strong attendance next year  

This article will be of interest to senior leaders and attendance leads 


We have revised the attendance toolkit originally produced for the national attendance campaign we began earlier this year, with top tips for schools on preparing during summer term for 'back to school' September 2024. 

For families facing complex barriers, schools are reminded to refer to the guidance to put support in place for individual needs. 


Quality data is key to tackling school absence. 90% of schools are voluntarily sharing daily attendance data with DfE and using the Monitor your school attendance tool. Wonde have recently emailed all schools asking you to approve the updated data fields and therefore improve the quality of data you will receive. To benefit, simply log into your Wonde portal and agree to share them. 


1. Go to your Wonde portal 

2. Review the request in your permissions area 

3. Approve the request