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Educational Visits Coordinator training 29th April

Due to the relatively small number of new EVCs in post each term requiring training, and a certain drop-out rate once signed up, the F2F events I have put on recently have only attracted small numbers, which really makes them unviable. I also think that an annual event is untenable as it potentially leaves EVCs without training for a number of months. So, in line with some other Local Authorities (most notably Hampshire) I have decided to trial an online EVC training session via Google Meet or Teams. The inaugural date I have in mind is Monday, April 29th 1-4pm (with a break!).


I do have a number on the books from this term, but can you ask, as soon as you know, anyone new to the EVC role in your school to get in touch asap so I can get the invites out before that date.


If successful, I will be able to run this more frequently with fewer numbers than for a face-to-face course.