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Open Water & River Safety Campaign - Your Support Needed!

Dear Partners,


We've launched our Open Water & River Safety campaign and we need your help! 


As valued partners in our community, your support in spreading these critical safety messages to as many young people as possible is invaluable.


Organised by Leisure Focus, this campaign is targeted specifically at middle schools and secondary school students in RBWM (year 7 upwards). 


We urge you to share this message widely through your networks, including assemblies, PSHE sessions, classrooms, and parent newsletters. Please find the 3-minute video here.


We extend our gratitude to all partners, including Ascot & Maidenhead School Sport Partnership, Windsor and Eton School Sports Partners, and Achieving for Children, for their vital role in promoting this crucial river safety messaging. 


We're grateful for the support of partners like you in promoting this campaign. Together, let's ensure the safety of our youth.


If you would like a banner for your school for display during this campaign, please email us back latest by Wednesday 1 May 2024, as we are keen to deliver these to you ready to be displayed by the bank holiday weekend.



If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me directly.


Thank you for your support.


Jatinder Singh Rakhra