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Rotary 2024 Schools Mathemagical Competition for Year 4 and Mighty Maths Competition for Year 2

I am pleased to advise you that planning for the two 2024 Rotary Maths Competitions for participating schools in RBWM is now underway, thanks to the two schools offering to host these events again.


The Mathemagical Competition for Year 4 pupils is scheduled for Wed 5 June (3.45 for 4pm till 5.30 pm) at Cookham Dean CE Primary School, Bigfrith Lane, Cookham Dean, SL6 9PH. Tel: 01628 482734


The Mighty Math Competition for Year 2 pupils is scheduled for Tue 18 June (3.45 for 4pm till 5.30 pm) at Waltham St Lawrence Primary School, School Road, West End, Waltham St Lawrence, RG10 0NU. Tel 0118 9343248.


There will again be an opportunity for a team of 3 pupils from each participating school  taking part to solve a series of mathematical problems as quickly as possible racing to get their answers to the judges!


Please mark up the above dates in your school diaries. Further information to seek schools expressions of interest will be provided after the Easter break. Thank you.


Helal (Stephan) Stephan
Maidenhead Thames Rotary Club
M. 07475 771471